What Belief Can Do

Ron Archer’s story will inspire you to trust God with the impediments
facing you, whether big or small. Born to a biracial teenage mother
forced by poverty to become a call girl, he survived an abortion his mother’s
pimp forced her to have.

Abused by some, bullied by others, and rejected by a stepfather, Ron
was a stutterer, a bed-wetter, and an overweight kid who banged his head
against the wall to knock himself to sleep at night. At age ten, he decided
to take his own life.

The gun did not fire.

Afterward, a schoolteacher and a widowed neighbor stepped in and shared
the love of God with him—forever changing his life.

In this message-driven memoir, Archer shows readers how regardless of
background and experiences, God can transform your pain into power and
your misery into ministry.

In What Belief Can Do, readers will discover:
• Everything we go through in life is a down payment on our destiny.
• We are conceived and born with a divine design.
• Loving, caring people who mentor a child can change his or her life.
• Sometimes our greatest blessings are contained in our greatest challenges.