It is the quality of unconditional love that has endeared the hearts of thousands to great stories of herioc canines like Lassie, Old Yeller, and Rin Tin Tin.

Now, to the sure delight of many, Joe L. Wheeler, America’s favorite collector of stories, has teamed up with “man’s best friend” in this nostalgic anthology of dog tales that will thrill, inspire, and cause you to feel young no matter your age.

From Owney, the post office mongrel who traveled the world with as great a devotion to the mailbags as any human postal carrier, to Wolf, the less-than-perfect collie who wasn’t fine enough to compete in shows but was brave enough to thwart a theif despite being poisoned, these stories of loyalty, honor, friendship, and devotion are among the most moving and memorable you’ll ever read.

“The dog is the only nonhuman species that unreservedly accepts us as we are. To a dog, we can do no wrong. All our firends may desert us- but never our dog. Its love is unconditional.”