Our Witchdoctors Are Too WeaK

When Davey Jank started a new life as a missionary among a remote tribe in the Amazon jungle, he entered a world most of us will never encounter: a world where witchcraft and shamanism are the trade of the powerful; where fear drives a timid and isolated society to acts of desperation and the brink of despair; where God’s Word has not been heard.

Davey and his wife, Marie–and the others who later join in the mission–struggle to decipher and learn the unwritten language of the tribe. It takes years of comical and tragic misunderstandings, correction, and painstaking effort. Years in which the Wilo people, sometimes patiently and sometimes not so patiently, wait to learn what “God’s Talk” says.

Our Witchdoctors Are Too Weak is Davey and Marie’s honest and inspiring account of their more than fifteen years among the Wilos. Their modern-day miracle is sure to revitalize the reader’s desire to spread God’s Word to every corner of the world.