Worry-Free Living

Worry-Free Living explores every family’s daily battles with stress from three perspectives — how it affects our mind, body, and spirit — and gives readers easy-to-follow plans for finding relief. The authors help parents identify what’s bugging their families and how to clarify their worries, sorting them into those they can and cannot do something about. What’s more, Cole and Ross have filled various chapters with the latest Back to the Bible research findings from Pamela Ovwigho, PhD – a leading researcher with the Center for Bible Engagement. They also include some of the best insights, advice, and treatment options from a variety of medical professionals. Most importantly, they explain everything within the understanding of a Master Creator, God, who is the ultimate Counselor and Healer.

Ideal for individual use and group study, this resource helps readers: 1. Uncover the most common worries and stress-points of men, women, kids, and “twenty-somethings” in our care; 2. Become self-aware: evaluating the stress in our households and plotting realistic steps toward change; 3. Reach out to those we love-from worried spouses and in-laws to teens and young children; 4. Understand the difference between the mind (what we think) and the brain (the physical processes of chemical reactions) and how they contribute to worry; 5. Learn to de-stress our thinking and calm down our bodies; 6. Give up unhealthy religiosity–such as the false belief that “worrying is a sign that we lack faith”; and 7. Reject the myth that we are in control and learn to take Jesus at His word: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

In the words of Dr. Archibald Hart (one of the experts interviewed in this book), “You must come down from the ‘hills’ of stress and into the ‘valleys’ of rest on a daily basis.” Our bodies are not designed for a continual state of fear, worry, and anxiety — but instead for continual tranquility with short bursts of adrenaline. Worry-Free Living shows moms, dads, caregivers, and ministers alike how to break the cycle of unnecessary suffering and find peace in Christ.