7 Ways to Choose Healing

From 7 practical steps toward healing to hidden roadblocks that keep you in unnecessary pain, Stephen Arterburn will help you rediscover the transforming power of God’s Word in 7 Ways to Choose Healing, the 1st of 4 books in the New Life Bible Counseling Series.

Heartbreak. Grief. Addiction. An injury or illness. Childhood trauma or abandonment. The power to heal (emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically) is in God’s hands, but the ability to receive his healing touch is your choice. Using biblical principles and trusted counseling advice, 7 Ways to Choose Healingcan help you break the bondage of pain and hurt and guide you towards healing, forgiveness, and freedom. Features:

  • Step-by-step advice based on biblical principles
  • Relatable stories and time tested counseling advice
  • Powerful Scriptures to guide your walk towards freedom and joy in Christ

Perfect for individual and group use, recovery programs, Christian counseling resources, single parents groups, church library, to hand to a friend, and more.