Amanda Anderson

Amanda Anderson is a Bible teacher, blogger, freelance journalist, and former Editor in Chief of Coast Kids magazine in Orange County, California.  Her speaking ministry, Heart in Training, encourages women and men who want to live intentionally, freely, creatively and to the glory of God. She speaks to mothers’ groups, workshops, women’s retreats and 12-step recovery groups throughout California. Amanda has a special place in her heart for young mothers, having served for almost a decade in Mothers of Preschoolers in her home church, Mariners Irvine. This past fall, she was a featured speaker at the MOPS International leadership conference, delivering a workshop entitled “All My Friends Have Issues: Risking Real Relationships With Real Women,” which is also the provisional title of her first book, to be published in 2019. Her website features a practical and humorous weekly blog, offering this message to readers: Take courage! Jesus wants to make your precious heart free.