The Conspiracy: Dietrich Bonhoeffer — Stopping Hitler

The time has come to tell the story again. Westerners tend to forget that evil dictators don’t disappear. The West must remember the story of a man who laid down his life to stop tyranny in order to bring peace in his time.

The almost unknown account of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s full involvement in the attempts to assassinate Adolph Hitler remains one of the extraordinary stories of World War II. A towering theologian and patriot, Bonhoeffer did not retreat from joining the fight to stop the Nazis. In these pages you will discover an explosive adventure that remains an ultimate witness to the truth.

After his capture, his finance Maria von Wedemeyer, never gave up attempting to find him and stand with him. In later years, Maria was to become the leading scientist with the Remington Rand Corporation, pioneering the way for the modern computer.

The author’s interview with Bonhoeffer’s godson, Christop Von Dohnanyi, sheds more light on who Bonhoeffer was and what he accomplished. You will find this thoroughly researched though novelized story of Bonhoeffer’s involvement in WWII to be gripping and compelling.