Joshua’s Way

Joshua’s Way offers ten principles that allowed a small, insignificant Israeli army to become the major force in their time. Each principle is vital for success in living the Christian life.
Contemporary Christians are living in a time when the church often forgets the importance of divine directives for the battle with evil. Nevertheless, a war is currently being waged in which following the right direction is a matter of life and death. Satan has not slacked off.

Once again, Joshua has important instructions for God’s people. The enemy is at the gate and Christians must wake up!

Joshua’s Way explores contemporary spiritual battle. Walking with Moses-instilled insights and responses that turned a wandering tribe into a nation. Joshua learned to confront temptation and stay on the right path. His insights remain critical for today’s spiritual warriors.

In contemporary Israel, every citizen is a soldier! The on-going battle has developed a mindset that is constantly alert, observant, and prepared for attack. This book explores spiritual warfare from the soldier’s point of view, helping Christians learn to recover a stance ready for action and response.

Joshua’s Way teaches how preparedness is necessary in these perilous times, provides new insights for today’s spiritual conflicts, alerts readers to discover spiritual issues in personal conflicts, and explains principles for combating evil.