His Heart Renewed (Welcome to Ruby Book 4)

Three choices. Two dreams. One path. A girl from his past. The woman who holds his future. Will a wrong detour lead to the right destination?

For the past year, veterinarian Erin Shaye has been drawn to handsome homebuilder Mike Brewer, despite the brown-eyed bachelor’s attempts to dissuade her. When Erin, once again, attempts to coax the reticent recluse into conversation during a charitable wood delivery to her home, the guy not only dismisses her thanks, but he also makes it clear that he likes her about as much as a heaping bowl of turnip greens.

Fine. If it’s crickets the fellow wants, let the chirping begin. Erin’s had it with his moodiness and mixed signals. She’s done.
However, there’s something about a well-deserved tongue-lashing that has a way of shifting perspective. Mike reckons it wouldn’t twist his drawers to be civil. Maybe it’s about time to shake the icicles off his heart from the wedding debacle that iced him nearly twelve years ago. No doubt the sudden lightning bolts that zip down his spine whenever the pretty animal doc is near must mean there’s thawing afoot. Will Erin give him another chance, or will her own secrets and suspicions keep him at arm’s length?

As the couple navigates blunders and heartaches, a new season emerges—one that taps into Erin’s and Mike’s deepest longings and desires—the spring that holds their future. At last, it seems their happily-ever-after is within reach…
But in the bat of an eyelash, a memory from Mike’s past emerges in an unexpected way. Will this change in circumstance hinder what he has with Erin or will truth prevail by way of a divine appointment?