God’s Not Like That: Redeeming Inherited Beliefs and Finding the Father You Long For

Many of us long for the abundant life Jesus promised, but instead we feel stagnant and frustrated in our faith. More of us cultivate our view of God from our family of origin than from the pages of the Bible—and a faulty view of God will always be a barrier to a satisfying spiritual life.

In his unique and interactive book God Isn’t Like That, author Bryan Clark returns us to Scripture on a step-by-step journey to identify and then correct our misconceptions about God. This highly practical book helps us understand:

  • Specific ways our childhood influences our beliefs today
  • The difference between a grace-based value system and a performance-based value system
  • How to distinguish truth from fiction when it comes to personal beliefs
  • Why even a loving and faith-filled family can inadvertently pass on false representations of God
  • What the Bible says about how God intended Himself to be depicted in the home

Abundant life has nothing to do with money or prosperity or health. Abundant life has everything to do with a right view of God that sustains us, comforts us, and satisfies us through every season.