Patricia Lee

Patricia Lee wrote her first short story at the age of six. She remembers little of the plotline, but her teacher’s excitement stayed with her. “Putting words on paper obviously made people happy,” Pat remembers. “And I liked the way writing made me feel.”

From there her journey of words took her through a stint as a high school columnist and on to the University of Oregon where she majored in magazine article writing and advertising. She sold to major publications like Moody Monthly, Power for Living and Expecting before raising her family. After homeschooling her children, Pat returned to writing and pursuing her dream of penning the perfect novel.

Pat has recently written for Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse magazine and has a debut novel, An Anchor on her Heart, releasing September 1, 2017 from Mountain Brook Ink Publishers. A second novel in the series, Love Calls Her Home, is scheduled for release March 1, 2018. .She lives in Oregon with her husband of forty-two years, four cats, and a yard full of squirrels and flowers.