Marcus Brotherton

Editors and authors throughout the industry know Marcus Brotherton as the writer to turn to for winning collaborations. He has worked with Ravi Zacharias, Doug Fields, Lt. Buck Compton, Colt McCoy, Bruce Wilkerson, Lauren Scruggs, Steven Arterburn, Nancy Heche, Carole Lewis, Tommy Walker, Ryan Dobson, and more.

Marcus brings the rare combination of having worked both as a pastor for eight years and as a newspaper reporter for five before he turned to writing books full time. He understands people, good writing, and how to craft a message to reach readers.

Born in 1968, Marcus earned a bachelor’s degree in biblical education and journalism from Multnomah University and a master’s degree in theology and writing from Talbot Seminary at Biola University.

He lives with his wife and children in Washington State.

Notable collaborations include:

Still LoLo: a spinning propeller, a horrific accident, and family's journey of hope (Tyndale Momentum, 2012) by Lauren Scruggs with Marcus Brotherton

Finding Martha’s Place: one woman’s story of sin, salvation, and soul food (Simon & Schuster, 2010) by Martha Hawkins with Marcus Brotherton

Call of Duty: My Life Before, During, and After the Band of Brothers (Penguin, 2008) by Lt. Lynn “Buck” Compton with Marcus Brotherton (foreword by Senator John McCain)

First Place 4 Health (Regal, 2008) by Carole Lewis with Marcus Brotherton

Angels Of A Lower Flight (Simon & Schuster, 2007) by Susan Scott Krabacher (Marcus was silent writing partner)

The Truth Comes Out (Regal, 2006) by Dr. Nancy Heche (Marcus was silent writing partner)

Praise for Marcus as a collaborator:

“Without Marcus Brotherton on my side I would have gone insane. He was a calming voice in every circumstance. He helped me shape and defend my words and thoughts. Thank you does not express my gratitude.”
--Susan Scott Krabacher
President and co-founder, The Mercy & Sharing Foundation
Author: Angels of a Lower Flight

"It is rare that I can just put a book through to production for copyediting but [Finding Martha's Place] was one of those times. I read and absolutely loved the manuscript. It's a beautifully rendered story and I didn't see how anything I could add would make it better-different, yes, but not better, and I love it just the way it was. Marcus was able to accurately capture Martha's life and her voice and tell her story in precisely the way I imagined it after only one or two editorial conversations/e-mails. This is frankly awe-inspiring."
--Sulay Hernandez
Acquiring Editor,
Touchstone/Fireside, a division of Simon & Schuster

"Marcus Brotherton brings an extraordinary combination of gifts to his craft: speed, an engaging voice on the page, creativity, an excellent education, relationship sensitivities, and passion. I recommend Marcus for writing and editing projects without reservation."
--David Kopp
Executive Editor,
Multnomah/WaterBrook, a division of Random House

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