The Safe King

In a world of leadership failure, Jesus stands out because He can be trusted. The glory of God revealed in Jesus flows out of his humility—and our great King is the greatest because he is safe to all he leads.

If your heart longs for a leader who will never use you and then abandon you; one who is genuinely committed to your best interests, you will encounter such a leader in the pages of The Safe King.

Pastor and speaker Dr. Jan D. Hettinga delves into the life of Jesus to help readers appreciate the perfectly safe ego of the leader revealed in the Bible as the Savior and Lord of all who trust Him. The Safe King explores the roadblocks that keep many of us from following Christ, including our deep distrust of authority, our fear of giving up control, and our reluctance to let go of our kingdoms in order to embrace His—and offers ways to move past these roadblocks into a life of full discipleship. The results are transformative: ultimately, following such a leader takes us on the path of becoming like Him, safe and trustworthy ourselves.

If you are tired of trying to run your own life and are ready for a leader you can totally trust, The Safe King will be a reliable guide to the fullness of life waiting in the safety of the kingdom of God.

The Safe King touches on one of the most crucial needs of our day and offers a careful discipling of both new believers and older church members who have never been taught to really follow Christ. I thoroughly endorse this book!”
—Henry T. Blackaby

The Safe King offers a fresh argument for a kingdom emphasis in discipleship…one that is deeply needed today!”
—Terry Taylor, former US President of the Navigators