The Guide: Survival, Warfighting, Peacemaking

Life with a drug-addicted father meant sleeping with one eye open, nervously anticipating but not knowing what chaotic event would happen next. Whether it was having a shotgun placed against his head or snorting cocaine at 13 with his dad, the unpredictable and unwanted were Greg Munck’s normal. But just when the anxiety and anger inside of him were starting to vent and rumble, the United States Marines and a long boat ride to Kuwait to fight in the Gulf War intervened to change the trajectory—and eternity—of a 20-year-old warfighter gifted by God to lead men.

Simple, emotional, and visceral, this story is about earth’s brokenness, God’s presence, and the true significance that resonates deep in the soul of every man. To be great and to do great things are embedded in the heart of every man, but the process of becoming that man demands courage, perseverance, and faith. Fighting the good fight isn’t easy, but under the right leadership, we see that overwhelming odds can be overcome and that our truest purpose can be discovered. In The Guide: Survival, Warfighting, Peacemaking, Greg Munck invites you into his life so that you can discover the bravery to face and win your biggest emotional and spiritual battles.