Can Nick and Kaylan come together when all seems hopeless?

Nick Carmichael faces the demons of his past on a Navy SEAL mission to catch
arms dealer Janus. Meanwhile his girlfriend, Kaylan Richards, must come to
terms with loving a man who is often gone and in harm’s way. She is adjusting to
life in a new city with new friends, new neighbors, and an internship. But she still
wonders if she will ever find her place and wrestles to develop the strength for
the future she wants to have with Nick.

As Nick and the SEAL team chase Janus, she turns the tables, attacking their
families, which places Kaylan in harm’s way. When Kaylan begins receiving
threatening notes and items begin to disappear from her home, Nick must
learn to trust God with her life as he and his team fight for justice and
answers to his past. Will light shine in the darkness, or will Kaylan and
Nick’s love forever be stalked by shadows?