Reset: Live Every Day Like It’s a New Day

As a pastor of a large church, Dale Hummel had a secret: despite years of Christian study, practice, and leadership, he struggled to experience inner peace and joy. As hard as he was working for his faith, his faith didn’t seem to be working for him. When a mental challenge diagnosis finally led him to the renowned Mayo Clinic, he discovered the missing piece to his Christian practice: a deeper understanding of how the mind really works, and how to change it.

But here was the big question: how did this new understanding of neuroplasticity and mindfulness fit with his Christian faith? As he searched the Scriptures, he was amazed to find the principles behind these “cutting-edge” concepts hidden in plain sight. The secret to the abundant life is that we must participate in our own transformation-through the renewal of our minds.

In Reset, Hummel shares the practical program he created for himself and others that translates these scientific insights into orthodox Christian practice. Grounded in theology, science, and deep empathy, Reset shows you how to partner with God in your own transformation and renew not only your mind, but your faith in God and in the practical wisdom of Scripture.

If real change has been elusive and your mind feels like your own worst enemy, it’s time for a reset.