Island Of The Innocent

The most compelling Cheney Duvall novel yet! Cheney and Dr. Walker Baird, her colleague from St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco, arrive in Hawaii to try to convince Shiloh Irons to return with them. Though Shiloh believes the Winslows might be his long-lost family, Cheney has discovered some disturbing facts about Bain Winslow and has traveled all this way to warn
her friend.

She and Walker set out to help Shiloh unravel the mysteries that seemingly surround the Winslows’ determination to drive him from the island. But with a valuable fish compass and tapestry stolen, the only tangible clues to Shiloh’s origins, will he ever learn his true identity?

Caught between the river of lava creeping toward the beach and the waters teeming with frenzied sharks and poisonous Portuguese man-of-war, Cheney must make the most difficult decision of her life. Will Shiloh return in time to rescue them from the fiery destruction spewing from Haleakala?