A Field Guide to God

A thoughtful, courageous exploration, in the tradition of Kathleen Norris’s Amazing Grace, of how to actively seek God and find evidence of God’s presence from a believer who experienced a decade of unbelief.In her Confessions of an Amateur Believer, Patty Kirk gave readers an honest account of what it means to embark on a real relationship with God in today’s world. Now, in A Field Guide to God: A Seeker’s Manual, she turns her engaging prose on a more practical matter how to discover God’s presence in a world where we can’t see, touch, or hear him. Courageously expressing her struggles with faith and doubt, Patty Kirk shows how to reencounter God in both conventional and unexpected ways.

From new ways of reading the Bible and experiencing prayer to remembering how we’ve experienced God in our past and remaining open to indirect messages in everyday life, she helps readers bring more meaning and hope to the faith journey. In addition, each chapter concludes with simple, creative exercises that help you reach out to God. She encourages readers to step out of longing and passive seeking to take action and creatively pursue a God who is always there.