Rick Lawrence

Rick is an award-winning author, editor, journalist, writing coach, cultural
researcher, online learning specialist, and national speaker. He’s been
executive editor of GROUP Magazine for 32 years, crafting and editing
feature articles, a popular column, and the Trends section of this
influential resource (winner of the Folio Award for magazine excellence). He
specializes in discovering and highlighting the “voice” of writers who have
insights and experience but need help in translating those assets into a
riveting narrative. For many years he led one of Group Publishing’s ministry
resourcing teams. He’s also an experienced researcher, conducting
large-scale social science research projects in the ministry community. He
creates and leads interactive learning experiences and trainings for church
and cultural leaders, parents, and teenagers. And he’s an innovator in
online learning-he developed, created, and helped launch a series of
professional ministry courses that use “virtual tools” for interactive,
experiential, and deeper-learning growth. He also leads a “home church” for
young adults with a crazy-long name: Pursuing the Heart of Jesus, Not His

* Rick has authored hundreds of magazine articles and edited thousands. He’s
the author, co-author, or editor of 39 books and curriculums.

* He’s the general editor and chief contributor of the groundbreaking and #1
bestselling Jesus-Centered Bible, and author of the recently released books
The God Who Fights for You (2019), Spiritual Grit (2018), and The
Jesus-Centered Life (2016). Other recent releases include Skin In the Game
(2015), Shrewd (2012), and Sifted (2011). In October of 2020 his new daily
devotional, The Jesus-Centered Daily, will be published. And he’s currently
co-authoring, with Dr. Daniel Emina of the Amen Clinics, a book slated for
release in 2021-The Suicide Solution.

* He’s host of the popular podcast Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus.

* He’s a consultant to national research organizations and a frequent
mainstage conference and workshop speaker.

* He’s the content creator for a nationwide tour of half-day ministry
trainings called Youth Ministry Local Training, coaching a team of
presenters to lead these workshops.

* He’s developed innovative community-based trainings on suicide prevention,
entitlement, and technology over-connectedness.

* During the 2020 pandemic restrictions he created and led two national
cohorts of a coaching series called Interactive Virtual Youth Ministry,
training youth workers to use the tools of the Zoom platform to master
highly interactive and experiential virtual teaching.

* He’s been interviewed by scores of national publications and media outlets
including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times,
Homeword with Jim Burns, Dennis Rainey’s FamilyLife Today, The Church Boys
podcast with Billy Hallowell, and the Moody radio network, among others.