Linda S. Clare

Speaking to the Wounded Heart

Linda Clare’s passion has always been for the less fortunate among us—from rescuing stray cats to writing about broken hearts, shattered dreams and the powerful hope that no matter what happens, God will never abandon us. Much of her understanding comes from her own life, first as a child surviving polio, then learning to accept with joy her loved ones with mental illnesses or addictions. She partnered with Melody Carlson and Heather Kopp in writing Lost Boys and the Moms Who Love Them and with Kristen Johnson Ingram on Making Peace with a Dangerous God. More recently she’s explored her own Native American heritage with novels The Fence My Father Built and A Sky without Stars. Raised and educated in Arizona, she now lives in Oregon with her family and three very naughty kitties. Whatever her topic, Linda’s focus always returns to the downtrodden, the lonely, or the marginalized.  By speaking to the wounded heart, she hopes to deliver the message that while God may not always deliver us out of troubles, He will always carry us through. Follow Linda on Twitter, Facebook or contact her at