Kitty Foth-Regner

Kitty Foth-Regner was a feminist atheist for the first half of her adult life—until her Christian mother stood on the cusp of eternity, sending Kitty off on a personal quest for the truth about where we came from, what we’re doing here and where we’re going. Heaven Without Her is an enthusiastically endorsed account of that quest, during which she frantically sought evidence for everything but Christianity (since she thought most Christians were both boring and self-righteous). Finding no such evidence, she finally turned to the Bible, and was blown away by its obvious truth, and by learning that all her long-held ideas about Christians had been 100% wrong.

In addition to her other publications, Kitty has released The Song of Sadie Sparrow—a novel celebrating three women, representing three different generations and worldviews, who meet in a nursing home and impact each other’s lives, perhaps for all eternity.

A retired copywriter, Kitty is a 60-hour-a-month nursing-home volunteer at the facility where her mother lived and died.