Cynthia McGovern

Dr. Cynthia McGovern has helped companies from small to huge create dramatic and sustainable revenue growth through her company, Orange Leaf Consulting.

Dr. Cindy has her masters in communication and her doctorate in Organizational Communication with an Emphasis on Organizational Leadership and Ethics. But she also has real world experience, spending the early portion of her career as a marketing director in the commercial real estate field.

But more than anything, she wanted to teach others. She started by teaching at the collegiate level, leading courses in Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Persuasion, Pre-Law Evidence, and Argumentation. Her classroom experience provided the framework for her career in consulting.

Dr. Cindy is a popular speaker on the conference circuit, presenting on such topics as Sales, Management, Leadership, Sales Management, Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Change, Conflict Resolution and Collective Bargaining.