Carole Engle Avriett

Internationally known speaker and writer Carole Engle Avriett spent 14 years as the Homes Editor for Southern Living Magazine, producing hundreds of articles on architectural and interior design, co-authoring several books, notably At Home with Southern Living. She also served as Editor in Chief of an award winning life-style magazine for central Florida and spearheaded a magazine for Disney’s internationally acclaimed town, Celebration. In addition to these accomplishments, Carole has written Bible curriculum materials including books used as denomination-wide conference studies.

Currently she invests her skills full-time researching and writing Bible study books and biographies with strong spiritual components. In her own words she explains her interest in military history:
“My family has strong ties with the military. Besides my father who was career Navy and my step-dad who served from the beginning of WWII in Africa and moved up the boot of Italy with Gen. Mark Clark, I had an uncle who was a primary Line Chief for Gen. Claire Lee Chennault with the Flying Tigers in China. These stories produced a fascination and deep respect for what they had done in service for our country. One of my undergraduate degrees was history and I specialized in military history.”

A master teacher, she draws from a wide range of experiences including surviving cancer, caring for aging parents, and riding every roller coaster in central Florida with her seven grandchildren. Carole and her husband often serve as summer missionaries in Brazil.