Brie Doyle

Brie Doyle is an author who writes across genres.  Her passion for writing is grounded in fiction, but her professional life has called her to crossover to non-fiction, as well.  Her first non-fiction book, YOU SHOULD LEAVE NOW: Going on Retreat to Bring You Back to Yourself, comes out in 2021.  It pertains to her work hosting transformational women’s retreats.

For fiction, Brie writes both contemporary and YA.  Curious about the darker side of life, Brie explores themes of rebellion, seclusion, being an outcast, and intercultural collisions in her work, among other, shinier ideas.

Though an optimist in life, her fiction allows her to explore less-spoken-about, internal musings of what it means to be human.  She’s all about the inside game.  While she likes to dabble in the dark, she can’t help but leave moral lessons in every book, article, or blog she writes.  A yoga teacher and devout meditator for over 20 years, Brie also has a passion for spirituality, wellness, and personal growth.  An ex middle school teacher, she has a wicked sense of humor that shows its face in her writing, too.

Professionally, Brie is the founder of She Glows Retreats, hosting wellness retreats locally and internationally.  She is a life coach, yoga teacher, wife, and most notably, a mom to one amazing daughter and two rad sons.  She lives in Boulder, Colorado, and if not there, can be found trying to get back to Asia so she can keep traveling.

You can connect with her and subscribe to her Insider Tribe on or on Instagram @wellbeingbybrie. (Photo by Haley Hawn Photography)