Aubrey Golbek

Aubrey Golbek, M.S., RD is a wife, mother, and dietitian on a mission to help women ditch shame and find grace for food, body image, and motherhood. She is the author of Grace, Food, and Everything In Between and the owner of Grace Fueled Nutrition, a private nutrition counseling practice focused on intuitive eating, women’s wellness, and faith-based nutrition counseling.

Aubrey is the co-owner of Joyful Health, where she helps women all over the world learn to eat well and move freely by grace through her online courses, scripture resources, and prayer journals.

Aubrey studied Nutrition at the University of Arkansas and received her Masters of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance from Saint Louis University. She has worked as a registered dietitian in the clinical setting, with athletes, and in her private practice since 2014.

Aubrey lives with her husband, and three little ones in Tulsa, OK where she’s deep in plans to raise backyard chickens, install a beehive, and plant an orchard. You can read about all of it on her blog at