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WordServe Literary offers nearly 30 years of experience in all aspects of helping authors get published with traditional publishers. Depending on the client’s needs, in the course of what we do for our commission, we may provide writing critique, editing of manuscripts and proposals. Further, we do extensive and diligent follow up with the sales and marketing departments of the publishing house an author signs with. As important as any of the day to day work we do for our stable of more than 100 authors, we keep our finger on the pulse of this ever changing industry so that we can expertly advise our clients.

At WordServe, we partner with writers to strategize their writing career as a whole. Our attention to detail starts with editorial advice on proposals and manuscripts, ensuring that the author presents their work in the best possible light. We carefully handpick specific editors at the more than 75 publishing houses we work with in the general market and Christian book industry. We are known for negotiating contracts with meticulous care. We walk with authors through the entire publishing process, including offering marketing knowledge as well as brainstorming and planning future books.

WordServe represents a diversity of authors in fiction and non-fiction, mostly for the adult market, although we’ll occasionally take on a children’s or YA project. In fiction, we’re interested in a broad spectrum of genres including suspense, romance, women’s, and Christian fiction. In non-fiction we’re looking at Christian Living, business, military, biography, health, self-help, memoir and other Christian topics. We represent writers of all levels, from first-timers to multi-published authors, to both the Christian market and the general market.  In 2012 alone, we launched more than 15 unpublished authors into the book world.

WordServe was founded in 2003 by Greg Johnson, after having previously been a literary agent with another agency for nine years.

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