Wendy Holtz

Wendy Holtz  is a Midwestern writer, teacher and speaker, mother of five, and exceedingly grateful recipient of God’s grace.  A self-described “reclusive extrovert,” Wendy adores people and parties and the happy chaos she calls home, but frequently and desperately seeks the stillness, nearness, and fullness of God in and through scripture, nature, and artistic endeavors.  A graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Holtz worked in advertising before taking a 20-year mommy sabbatical to raise five extraordinary human beings (and do approximately 9, 437 loads of laundry).  Over the years, Holtz has taught a variety of Christian education classes and Bible studies, mentored some remarkable young women, and facilitated dozens of interactive marriage workshops with her husband and soulmate, Steve.

Holtz is the author of Treasure Hunter: A Field Guide for 12 Spiritual Expeditions and the keynote speaker for Treasure Hunter retreats and daylong expeditions.  In her writing and teaching, Holtz passionately conveys her mission and her message, taken from Psalm 16:11 ~ In God’s presence, there is fullness of joy.