Shannon K. Evans

Shannon K. Evans is an author and speaker whose work is grounded in the contemplative Catholic practice of integrating the spiritual and the material. She is a columnist at, a staff writer for Franciscan Media, and is experienced in leading guided meditations in both Christian and interfaith spaces. Shannon is particularly passionate about accompanying women in reclaiming an empowered spiritual vitality, having herself... learn more

Craig A. Evans

Craig Evans is a well-known New Testament scholar, who has taught and lectured in North America and around the world. He has published more than 90 books and has authored more than 650 academic and popular publications. Besides enjoying a very active life in the academy, Evans has frequently served as an expert speaker and consultant in television programs and documentaries. He also... learn more

Steve Farrar

Steve Farrar’s mission is to equip men to rise up to biblical masculinity and become the spiritual leaders of their families. Steve is the founder and chairman of Men’s Leadership Ministries. He is a graduate of California State University-Fullerton, where he majored in speech communication. He holds a Master’s degree from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, and an earned doctorate from Dallas Theological... learn more

Cyndy Feasel

Cyndy Feasel was married for twenty-nine years to NFL lineman Grant Feasel, who was discovered after his death to have developed CTE—a progressive degenerative brain disease—from the concussions he received playing football. An art teacher in Fort Worth, Texas, Cyndy is committed to raising awareness of CTE and the dangers of repetitive head injury. Cyndy is a dynamic and emotional speaker with a... learn more

Elizabeth Felicetti

The Rev. Elizabeth Felicetti is an Episcopal priest and the rector of St. David’s Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia ( In addition to writing weekly sermons, Elizabeth writes essays and book reviews that have been published in The Atlantic, The Christian Century, Faith & Leadership, Kirkus Reviews, The Little Patuxent Review, Modern Loss and numerous others, and she has twice been nominated for a Pushcart. Her book Unexpected Abundance: The Fruitful Lives... learn more

Mindy Ferguson

Mindy Ferguson is a national retreat and conference speaker who passionately encourages women to live for Christ. She is the President and founder of Fruitful Word Ministries and the author of three books, including Hugs Bible Reflections for Women, published by Simon and Schuster-Christian. Mindy is a frequent guest on radio programs and has contributed to national magazines such as Christianity Today’s learn more

Doug Fields

With 30 years of experience in ministry, Doug Fields was recently one of the teaching pastors at Saddleback Community Church in Mission Viejo, California, where he had been on staff since 1992. For more than a decade he was involved with student ministries at the 20,000-plus member church. Doug has authored or co-authored more than 40 books. His highly-acclaimed book Purpose Driven Youth... learn more

Leslie Leyland Fields

When you see her, Leslie may be wearing a silk dress and fishnets or wearing Xtra-Tuff boots and carrying fishing nets, depending on whether she’s at her fishcamp in the Alaska wilderness or on a speaking tour “Outside.”  She’s happy in both places talking about the books, places and topics that move her most. Her book list includes Crossing the Waters: Following Jesus... learn more

Laura Finch

Laura writes to capture and amplify voices that policymakers, reading audiences and future generations must hear. A skilled interviewer and researcher, Laura currently directs communications efforts at the Humanitarian Disaster Institute (HDI) at Wheaton College. In this role, she produces and edits the Better Samaritan blog and podcast hosted by Christianity Today. She worked previously at the nonprofit cable network C-SPAN, where she handled... learn more

Jennifer L. FitzPatrick

Jennifer L. FitzPatrick, MSW, LCSW-C, CSP, founder of Jenerations Health Education, Inc., is a national speaker, consultant, coach, and former psychotherapist. A member of Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen’s dementia non-profit HFC’s Care Advisory Board, she is the author Reimagining Customer Service in Healthcare: Boost Loyalty, Profits and Outcomes and Cruising Through Caregiving: Reducing The Stress of Caring For Your Loved One.... learn more

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