Kyle Duncan

Kyle Duncan is a 30-year publishing veteran who has sat on both sides of the publisher’s desk, both as an executive and as a ghostwriter/collaborator. A New York Times bestselling fiction ghostwriter, Kyle has acquired, edited, or collaborated on nearly 600 books, with total sales eclipsing 30 million copies. Kyle has worked with John Wooden, John Perkins, Voice of the Martyrs, George Barna, Steve Arterburn, Jim Burns, Carol Lewis, Susie Shellenberger, Jack Hayford, Gary Chapman, Toby Mac, Brady Boyd, Neil Anderson, Matt Redman, and Tim Hughes.Steve Arterburn, Jim Burns, Carol Lewis, Susie Shellenberger, Jack Hayford, Gary Chapman, Toby Mac, Brady Boyd, Neil Anderson, Matt Redman, and Tim Hughes.

Kyle cut his writing teeth while studying English literature at UCLA. Never one to pass up a sweet deal, he wrote music reviews for the award-winning Daily Bruin, which afforded him free concert tickets for four years. His first paid writing gig was at age 20, when he wrote an article about NFL kicking legend Rolf Benirschke for Los Angeles Magazine.

Soon after graduating from UCLA, Kyle began his publishing career at Focus on the Family, where he served as managing editor of the organization’s flagship magazine. Kyle then made the jump from periodicals to publications and spent the next 21 years leading the publishing lines for Regal Books, Bethany House Publishers, and David C. Cook.

With his years of experience as a publishing executive and freelance writer, Kyle brings a unique mix of gifts and tools to the table. He’s a strategic thinker who sees the big picture and has partnered on profitable multi-product launches with Focus on the Family, HomeWord, Voice of the Martyrs, and First Place, the nation’s largest faith-based weight-loss organization.

He and his wife, Suzanne, have been married nearly 30 years, and live in San Diego. They have four children in various stages of leaving—or returning—to the nest.

Praise for Kyle:

I know of no other person who is as good in his profession as Kyle. He is a man of integrity and honor. One of the best attributes he has is the ability to see a project before the public will want it. He envisions it, motivates others to do it, and then produces bestsellers as a result. Amazing visionary....
Alice Smith, bestselling author of Beyond the Veil

Fabulous instincts on book products; great editorial skills; wonderful relational abilities. I give Kyle my highest recommendation in practically every category of working with books, products, people and ideas. All of this, and he is one of the finest men God created on this earth.
Greg Johnson, President at WordServe Literary Group

Kyle shoots straight from the heart, truly keeps his client’s best interests at the forefront, and perhaps most importantly, maintains a sense of humor and positive attitude no matter what happens. He is also a creative problem-solver and one of the few people I know who can look at a manuscript, estimate its value, and then give you a plan that will work if it needs to be fixed. I have always enjoyed every opportunity to work with him and highly recommend his services.
Rick Killian, NYT Bestselling Ghostwriter/Editor and Writing Coach


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