Speaking Topics

Kimberly speaks on the subjects of human trafficking, orphans, genocide, persecution, violence, corruption, missions, and how we each find our deepest joy when we discover—and live—the unique purpose we each have in this world.

Kimberly Smith Highland

Kimberly Smith Highland is President of Make Way Partners, an international organization committed to prevent and combat human trafficking.

She is also a published author. Passport through Darkness, her first book, received wide acclaim including the INSPY Best Creative Nonfiction Award. She blogs regularly, sharing rich and reflective stories from her experiences of finding Hope in all corners of the world, including in the vilest forms of human trafficking and her personal, daily struggles with faith and courage. Powerful and well respected news sources such as TIME.com has also published Kimberly’s writing.

Fighting to end human trafficking in the darkest corners of our world, skeptics declared many of the tasks set before her as impossible. However, fueled by compassion and incensed by grotesque injustice, Kimberly led Make Way Partners to the successful completion of building the first orphanage on the border of Darfur, Sudan. Building supplies had to be transported nearly 2,000 miles over hostile terrain with no roads or bridges. Today MWP continues to build upon that groundbreaking success and leads a powerful, indigenously based anti-trafficking network spanning Sudan and South Sudan.

Kimberly is passionate about helping others to discover their unique purpose in this world. She leads the daily operations of MWP, and divides her time between each of its international locations, writing, and public speaking in the US and abroad. Kimberly also enjoys blazing new trails with others on their journey–most notably her horse and constant companion, Rusty-the-True–that rescued her along the way.

To invite Kimberly to speak, contact audreym@makewaypartners.org.