Karin Holder

Karin Holder is co-owner of Raised Hunting, Raised At Full Draw, and Raised Outdoors. Karin is first a grateful follower of Jesus Christ, a devoted wife, mother, friend, hunter, and entrepreneur at heart.

Karin’s business background as a Financial Advisor (2004) has helped serve the business well as they navigate the outdoor entertainment world, however what Karin loves the most, next to hunting with her husband, her two sons, Warren and Easton and her third son “Old Dan” ( the families English lab) is to inspire and encourage other women to get outdoors and experience the challenge and life lessons hunting provides.

Karin has over two decades of archery hunting experience and over sixty (60) big game harvests. Karin believes that every hunt is a new experience, a new memory and an opportunity to serve her family the most organic meat available.