John Merritt

John Merritt is a modern day adventurer trapped in a pastor’s body. When not behind a pulpit you will find John lobster diving, helicopter skiing, hauling in yellow fin tuna, calling mallards from a duck blind, or rocketing over whitewater in the Grand Canyon. John loves to stretch people by taking them into untamed places like Cape Town, Cairo or Calcutta. Always scheming about how to get out of the office, John loves to find fellow conspirators to take the next plunge into the unknown.

John writes about life that is audacious, extraordinary, never boring, and ready to be lived right now. And he firmly believes that there is no eleventh commandment that says: Thou shalt not enjoy life!

John is the Founding Pastor on staff of an influential church in San Francisco’s East Bay called CrossWinds Church. He is also the interim pastor of Fair Oaks Church in Concord, CA. He serves as consultant, coach and speaker for a network of San Francisco Bay area pastors and their churches. Though he has an Masters of Divinity degree from Bethel Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, he considers being married to Debbie for forty years and having three children along with five grandchildren to be much greater accomplishments.


John signed his debut nonfiction contract with Morgan James publishing for his nonfiction book, Don’t Blink.