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Write Where It Hurts, Got Hope?, When A Woman Finds Her Voice

Jo Ann Fore

Known as “The HOPE Coach,” Jo Ann Fore is a popular blogger and certified Life Coach. She is passionate about leading women into full, free lives. Lives of purpose and joy.

With a willingness to step into the hard places, Jo Ann serves a powerful promise of hope to a woman’s heart. She often writes about the tough challenges today’s Christian women face—proving how God can use every piece of our lives, no matter how broken. Jo Ann has written for Guideposts, Lifeway, Christianity Today and many more, and is the author of When A Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life’s Hurts and Using Your Story to Make a Difference.

As the founder of the vibrant virtual community Write Where It Hurts, Jo Ann and her ministry team inspire women with daily doses of hope, encouragement, and practical support.

Jo Ann is known for her straight talk, powerful biblical insights, and practical hope as she leads women to:

• Pull down mental traps and strip away their false sense of power
• Connect within healthy community, even when they’ve been hurt
• Tame negative emotions so they can focus on what matters
• Share the stories they’ve been hesitant to share

The “everyday” Jo Ann loves peppermint herbal tea and a great organic salad. She is a nerd with an insatiable appetite for words—an absolute book-freak and perpetual student. When her nose isn’t buried in a great book (or three), you can usually find her submerged in her favorite warm-water pool, traveling across the country, or hanging out with her four-year-old granddaughter. She and comedy-magician husband Matt live in the mountains of Tennessee, where she talks incessantly about her daughter Tabitha, and grandchildren Lacey and Nathaniel, to anyone who will listen.