Dr. Tracey “Nicole” Hayes

Dr. Tracey “Nicole” Hayes is a retired naval officer with over 24 years active duty service. She has earned her undergraduate degree in English, master’s degree in Human Relations (emphasis Leadership), and a doctorate in Education (emphasis Leadership). A gifted teacher and speaker, she has taught English, leadership, and human behavior at a range of colleges and universities, to include her alma mater, the U.S. Naval Academy.

Dr. Hayes most recently collaborated on newly released Purpose in Everything: Choosing to Glorify God through the Pain. She relishes stories of survival and perseverance, and has found great fulfillment in creative non-fiction.

A former foster parent and current foster child advocate, Dr. Hayes authored her first book, When You’re Called ‘Mommy’: The Joys and Heartbreak of Being a Foster Parent, where she captured the intricate dynamics of the foster care system from the perspectives of foster parents, foster children, social workers, and court-appointed officials.

An advocate for empowering youth, Dr. Hayes enjoys mentoring teenage girls in their character, leadership, and spiritual development through her nonprofit organization, Leadership LINKS, Inc.

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