Kimberly L. Smith

Speaking Topics

Being real as a Christian; Human Trafficking

Kimberly L. Smith

Kimberly L. Smith, president and co-founder of Make Way Partners and author of Passport through Darkness, lives with her husband Milton in Sylacauga, Alabama.

She has spent most of the last decade working to end human trafficking through the mission organization she and Milton co-founded. Skeptics and human rationale declared many of the tasks set before Make Way Partners are impossible. However, fueled by compassion and incensed by grotesque injustice, Kimberly led Make Way Partners to the successful completion of building the first orphanage on the border of Darfur, Sudan. Building supplies had to be transported nearly 2,000 miles over hostile terrain with no roads or bridges. She now leads the way to build the only private and indigenously based anti-trafficking network in Africa and Eastern Europe. She divides her time between her work in Africa and Eastern Europe, and writing and public speaking in the US.

Kimberly is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. She loves to read, write, and enjoy the outdoors with Milton.