Alison Patton

Alison Patton loves reading and says dorky things like “if you have a book you’ll never be lonely”. Her writing explores the true nature of the human spirit and its desperate need for Godly redemption. She grew up in the good old USA but has spent many of her days in her mother’s native South Africa where she’s watched firsthand the ongoing push and pull of man’s vast ability for both love and hate. It is a tension that, unfortunately, translates on some level to all people and all places. Her work deals with this theme as well as the ideas of spiritual identity and displacement.


Patton has a BA in English Literature from Colorado Christian University, which qualifies her to wait tables. She also holds an MA in English Lit. with an emphasis in creative writing from the University of Colorado. As her father says, that qualifies her to wait tables at really nice restaurants.


In her “real life”, she chases after her three children, eats way too much chocolate and dreams about what she’ll be when she grows up (when does that officially happen anyway??).


She believes that words hold great beauty, that folded there between the curves and twists of letters, an artistry unfurls, the very mark of God’s spirit stamped on the page. What else could it be after all? He is the ultimate author. Her goal is to reflect His hand, to craft writing that honors God but doesn’t spare artistry, to create work that marries literary beauty and Godly ideals.