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Author Coaching

Ken Gire

Manuscript Critique Service

Ken Gire, has worked in Christian publishing for over 20 years, authoring or co-authoring some 25 books, a number of which have had critical as well as commercial success.  One of the things Ken has done over the years is to teach writing seminars and to help both established and aspiring writers with their manuscripts.

To that end, Ken has started his own manuscript critique service.

Most people can tell when a manuscript isn’t working, for whatever reason, but few can give concrete ideas on how to make it work.  Further, most can spot a good idea that “isn’t quite there yet;” something that needs an extra push to get it to go.

Ken is a master at both fixing books under contract, as well as developing a good idea and helping to make it better. He can take the sketchiest of ideas and turn them into viable book projects. Whatever project he has been involved with has always resulted in a better book for the author and publisher.

Ken is offering his services to critique non-fiction manuscripts of less than 400 pages. He will read the work, evaluate, and give at minimum a five-page, single-spaced, succinctly written critique. The critique will include a synopsis of the book, then some practical observations on what is working and what isn’t. He will give the positives of the manuscript in four areas: substance, style, voice, and marketability. He will cover those same areas in terms of the negatives.

Finally, and most importantly, Ken will give specific and substantive suggestions for the re-write. This is where he is at his best, in my opinion. Whether you are an author, a substantive editor, acquisitions editor, or publisher, this five-page executive summary will be invaluable as you interact with authors and co-workers.

On occasion, Ken can be hired by the publisher to work with the author whose manuscript he has critiqued. This would be done on an hourly or “per project” basis, and he can be emailed about his rates.

The cost for this service is $1,500, one half on signing, and one-half payable upon completion of work. Manuscripts will be critiqued in the order they arrive (usually a two or three-week turnaround). Rush orders (a two or three-day turnaround) can be accommodated for an additional $500.

If interested, email Ken directly at